Feel the comfort and freedom of a scooter: padded auto-type seats with armrests, seat mechanism that lets you “park” next to a table with your body facing the table, easy-to-operate controls, adjustable speeds for different situations, room to reposition your feet. Choose a model that fits your lifestyle, including where you’ll be using it. There are large, outdoor models you can take into rougher terrain, medium-sized ones for indoor/outdoor use, smaller ones for use inside your home, foldable ones to toss into your car for occasional use, and ones ideal for that cruise you’ve always wanted to take. Some are perfect for trips to that mile-away grocery store, others for getting around your apartment complex or to shared meals. We help fit you into a scooter that meets your needs, gives you independence, and enhances your life.


You want your wheelchair to be reliable and durable. You want convenience, as well. Choose arms that swing out of your way so you can transfer, footrests that can be removed for standing up, tires you never need air to, a turning radius that fits your lifestyle, and other options that make your life less complicated. For comfort and stability, get the width and height that’s best for your body, and add a cushion. For portability, choose a lightweight or ultra-lightweight or folding chair. And, for the fun of it, remember that today’s wheelchairs offer a wonderful array of colors to brighten your life.

Walking / Standing Aids

Maintaining stability when walking or standing is vital. A whole world of products is available to do just that, allowing you to be more self-sufficient and secure. If you want more than the traditional frame walker, you can get one with larger, more maneuverable wheels, a seat, a basket, and other convenience items. A knee walker supports the injured leg while you use the other leg to walk normally. Canes now come with all sorts of colorful designs and in various styles. If you use a standing aid, getting up from your couch or chair doesn’t require stress and strain or make you feel you’re losing your balance, and you can do it independently or with minimal assistance.