Lift Chairs

Tired of sitting in a less comfortable yet higher chair because of the difficulty of standing up from it? Wish you could stretch out in a snuggly recliner or burrow into it to “rest your eyes” for an hour? You can. A lift chair is a lounger that allows you to recline the backrest–some as far as into a position suitable for sleeping. It has a comfy footrest that rises as you recline so you can stretch out your painful legs. Reverse the direction and the footrest folds down, the backrest straightens up, and the chair moves into a forward angle to aid your balance as you stand up. All this at the push of a button. If the electricity goes out, you’re still in control, thanks to a battery backup. Choose a size, style, fabric, and color that fits your taste. Then…relax.

Adjustable Beds

You don’t want a hospital-style bed, but you do want relief and a good night’s sleep. An adjustable bed lets you slant the head portion to make it easier to read, watch TV, eat a snack, or carry on a conversation. It also angles your body to minimize the symptoms of GERD, gives support to ease back pain, and reclines at an angle that eases breathing with a cold or congestion. The foot portion of the bed folds slightly as it raises your legs, allowing for pain- and pressure-relief as well as comfort. This bed increases your ability to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Choose a size, from king to twin extra-long. A variety of options are available, such as choice of bed frame, base, and foundation, type of control, mattress, even massage.

Hospital Beds

No one wants to use a hospital bed, but it can make your daily life so much easier. Before getting one, decide what you need: a very basic model with a hand crank to raise the head and foot; a semi-electric one that does that function for you; a fully electric model that raises head and foot and the entire bed higher off the floor. How much support and comfort is needed in the mattress? What accessories would add independence (a trapeze for repositioning), convenience (an over-bed table), and safety (bed rails)? We’ll give you the options so you can decide.