Vehicle Lifts

Gone are the bad old days when you had to stay home because you didn’t have a modified full-sized van to carry your wheelchair or scooter or someone strong to take it apart and wrestle it into your car. Now you can put your bulky manual wheelchair on an easy-to-use carrier attached to the rear of your car or SUV. Or carry your chair/scooter securely back there on a remote-controlled platform. Or in the bed of your pick-up truck. Your mini-van or SUV may have enough space for a lift that raises and loads your chair/scooter inside the vehicle. There are many options available to you, depending on your specific vehicle and your desire to “get on the road again.” And, of course, we professionally install all of these lifts.

Personal Vehicle Lifts

Vehicles with seats that are high off the ground or running boards that are hard to climb over make getting in and out hard and dangerous for those of us with limited strength and mobility. Especially in a van or truck. A personal lift solves the problem and keeps you safe. Styles range from a sling that lifts you into the vehicle, to a seat that brings you even with the passenger seat so you can slide into the vehicle, to a car seat (replacing the original one) to bring you into riding position. There are even models that can help get you into your RV. We’ll help you pick out the right one for you, and we’ll install it.

Vehicle Modifications

You don’t want to give up your current car–or you have your eye on a new one. Sometimes all it takes to keep you in your desired vehicle is a modification or two. One adaptive device is a left-foot gas pedal, letting you control acceleration when using your right foot is difficult, dangerous, or impossible. Another is hand controls, which eliminate the need to use those unresponsive or painful legs and feet to operate the vehicle. With this driving aid, one hand comfortably operates both acceleration and braking while the other, using a spinner knob, easily steers. Your upper body remains stable. The system is clean and uncluttered. It’s versatile, too–if another driver doesn’t need the system, he or she can safely use the foot pedals.