Getting from one place to another around your home can be hard or even impossible–unless you have a ramp. Walk or ride above those front-porch steps into your house, down into a sunken family room, over the threshold leading to your backyard deck, then down onto the grassy area to join the kids in their game of chase-the-dog. When it’s time to head out to shop or play, load your chair or scooter by rolling it up a portable ramp you can take with you. We’ll help you choose just the right ramp to meet your needs and keep you safe.

Stair Lifts

Why put stress on your body by climbing steps to another level of your home? Why tempt losing your balance and falling down those steps? A stair lift is functional and secure. It doesn’t require remodeling your stairway and, in fact, can add beauty to that area. Power outages are not a problem, and maintenance is simple common sense. Is the lift on another level than you are? A remote control, located at both levels, lets you call the lift to you. Have a curved stairway or a landing between two sets of steps? There are applications for that, as well. Ride in comfort to that other level. Free yourself up; have access to your entire house whenever you wish.

Vertical Platform Lifts

Never have to be dragged in a wheelchair up the steps of your home or mobile home again. Or be kept out of areas because your home is split-level. Maybe you’ve found the perfect house you’d like to buy–you love it, but it has levels you can’t deal with. A vertical platform lift can put you into that dream house. Don’t limit yourself when a challenge like a high entryway or multi-levels can so simply be won by installing a vertical platform lift.

Pool & Spa Lifts

Summertime and the livin’ is easy–or would be if you could join the family in your pool or spa. But you can! Without someone lifting you in/out. Hydraulics does all of the work. You sit in a sling or chair, and water power lowers you into and out of that inviting pool or spa. These lifts come as portable and free-standing, as removable for off-season storage, or as permanent, secured firmly to your wood or concrete deck. Installation is tailored to your pool/spa and its location so that it’s safe and ADA compliant.